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What is a prophet?

What is a Prophet? Many people today think of a prophet as any person who sees the future. While the gift of prophecy certainly includes the ability to see the future, a prophet is far more than just a person … Continue reading

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Introduction to Prophets 2: TV show

New Show About the Old Testament Prophets to Debut on CatholicTV in September 8/14/2009 – 11:53 AM PST Starting in September, CatholicTV will air a new show entitled “The Prophets and You”. This new show is hosted by Dr. John … Continue reading

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Hebrew: The forthcoming trial

Next week’s test will carry 40% of the total module mark, so please make careful preparation. We will be working from the MT of Exodus 3: 1-22 and you will be expected to translate, and make grammatical, textual, and exegetical … Continue reading

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Using the Internet at Bible College

A recent photo of dr-baker-in-his-study.jpg reminded me of the usefulness of internet research. Here’s a few pointers. Important websites (“meta-sites”) See the relevant links for Biblical Studies on the useful links pages. A particularly useful site for New Testament work … Continue reading

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Wisdom Literature: Welcome to the Matrix

Welcome to the Wisdom group. Here is a link to the schedule, (subject to approval) wisdom-maf.doc so that you can check the session titles. Today we looked at the powerpoint introduction-to-the-course.ppt and checked out the coursebook. Follow the hyperlinks to ourchase your … Continue reading

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Ready to go? The second semester looms…

Now that the next semester is looming (!) and the holidays all but gone, I present a short book list for those intending to take the courses I am offering in February. 1. PENTATEUCH This is a first year course: … Continue reading


Missiology: Looking at the Pentateuch

Here’s this week’s lecture on mission-in-the-pentateuch.ppt. Remember: I need to see your precis account of this appearing on your websites ASAP.

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Pentateuch: Final Exam

A few thoughts from today’s seminar: During the first week of June you must now ready yourself for a ninety minute examination comprised of the following: 10 Short Answers questions (20%) 5 paragraph questions (50 %) on major theological themes., … Continue reading

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The Documentary Hypothesis in Crisis

  After more than a century of the dominance of this theory in Old Testament studies, today there is no longer a consensus among scholars on the reliability and soundness of the theory. Some scholars propose to cancel out this theory … Continue reading

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Pentateuch: Examining the Territory

 A recent email suggested that I sketch out the territory for the forthcoming Pentateuch examination. So here goes: Questions on the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, the “documentary hypothesis” and the present state of scholarly analysis. Questions on the character and flavour … Continue reading

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