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Paul on Damascus Road: Conversion or Commission?

Here are a couple of Word documents covering the background to the module   session-1.doc   and   session-2.doc  The caravaggio-paul.ppt is a short study on Caravaggio’s famous picture of Paul on the Damascus Road, as a teaser to today’s discussion Paul: Converted or Commissioned? … Continue reading

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Hebrew: Beginners’ Book list (and the skip story)

Further to today’s discussion in the Hebrew 2 Class: Here’s a few of the priceless gems that adorn my library: Beall, T.S., W.A. Banks & C. Smith. Old Testament Parsing Guide. Nashville: B&H Publ. 2000 Cohn-Sherbok, Dan. Biblical Hebrew for … Continue reading

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New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Here is the link to Roger Nicole’s 1958 essay on the new-testament-use-of-the-old-testament.doc which is a quite thorough and comprehensive introduction to a wide-ranging topic.

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Using the Internet at Bible College

A recent photo of dr-baker-in-his-study.jpg reminded me of the usefulness of internet research. Here’s a few pointers. Important websites (“meta-sites”) See the relevant links for Biblical Studies on the useful links pages. A particularly useful site for New Testament work … Continue reading

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Philippians: Introduction

philippians-intro.ppt Here is the Introduction lecture from the Greek Texts (Philippians) class. This week we are going to sketch a few of the major themes in the Epistle. Here is the lecture: themes-in-philippians.ppt Your homework from last week’s session was the preparation … Continue reading

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Wisdom Literature: Welcome to the Matrix

Welcome to the Wisdom group. Here is a link to the schedule, (subject to approval) wisdom-maf.doc so that you can check the session titles. Today we looked at the powerpoint introduction-to-the-course.ppt and checked out the coursebook. Follow the hyperlinks to ourchase your … Continue reading

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Hermeneutics: Introduction to the Module

Welcome to the Hermeneutics class. Here the overall plan, subject to approval  maf-hermeneutics.doc. Check out the textbook ASAP. Some initial discussion points are contained in hermeneutics-1.doc   and  hermeneutics-2.doc   with some more recent  issues-in-hermeneutics.doc and a few miscellaeneous articles-on-hermeneutics.doc too. Get reading! First homework is to set up … Continue reading

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