British India: Governor Generals

Governors-General of Fort William in Bengal
Regulating Act of 1773
Warren Hastings
1774 (October)
Sir John Macpherson
1785 (February)

Marquess Cornwallis
1786 (September)

Sir John Shore (Lord Teignmouth)
1793 (October)
Sir Alured Clarke
1798 (March)

Earl of Mornington (Marquess Wellesley)
1798 (May)

Marquess Cornwallis
1805 (30th July)
Sir George Barlow
1805 (October)

Baron (1st Earl of) Minto
1807 (July)

Earl of Moira (Marquess of Hastings)
1813 (4th October)
John Adam
1823 (January)

Baron (Earl) William Pitt Amherst
1823 (1st August)
William Butterworth Bayley
1828 (March)

Lord William Cavendish-Bentinck
1828 (4th July)
Governors-General of India
Charter Act of 1833

Lord William Cavendish-Bentinck

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