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Puritanism: The roots of Americanism?

Early in the 17th century some Puritan groups separated from the Church of England. Among these were the Pilgrims, who in 1620 founded Plymouth Colony. Ten years later, under the auspices of the Massachusetts Bay Company, the first major Puritan … Continue reading

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Internet Therapy: Soul Food

Evangelical Times Banner of Truth  Protestant Reformed Churches in America European Institute of Protestant Studies The Standard Bearer The Highway The Spurgeon Archive Evangelicals Now New Focus Bible Sermons Desiring God Grace to You Turning Point The Threshold Abate Not … Continue reading

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James Packer on Why we need the Puritans: “A QUEST FOR GODLINESS”

Horse Racing is said to be the sport of kings. The sport of slinging mud has, however, a wider following. Pillorying the Puritans, in particular, has long been a popular pastime both sides of the Atlantic, and most people’s image … Continue reading

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The sovereignty of God: an Arminian perspective

This article was posted over at Arminian Perspectives by Kangeroodort. In the article he discusses the differences between Calvinists and Arminians on this issue. He asks a question that I have asked in the past. In fact, when I first … Continue reading

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