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Early Church History: Background Texts

1. New Testament Canonical Information Canon of Scripture The Christian Canon, by Don Closson The Old Testament Canon of Scripture 2. The Apostolic Fathers 1st Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians [ca 96]: A formal letter written on behalf of … Continue reading

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Epistles of John

Hi guys, Just posting the first lecture in the-epistles-of-john.ppt series. Please make sure you read right through all the assigned material (1 John, 2 John, 3 John) for next Tuesday’s discussion. Remember that we are assembling evidence for the historical context … Continue reading

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Missiology: The Biblical Foundations of Mission

Here’s the first lecture on the the-biblical-foundations-of-mission.ppt . Well done to those who have got of the ground with their blogs and have started posting work!  Your primary assignment now is to get hold of Glasser’s Announcing the Kingdom and start … Continue reading

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Myers on Romans

Charles D. Myers, Jr., writes on the place of Romans in the genuine correspondence of Paul (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, v. 5, p. 817): A relative chronology of the Pauline Epistles can be constructed by means of references in Paul’s … Continue reading

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Romans: Lectures

Welcome to the Romans class. Word to the wise: It is acknowledged that you have all been introduced to the finer points of NT Greek, so your exegesis work must take that into account. The assignment this semester is on … Continue reading

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Puritanism: Lectures

Greetings to Year 2/3 students joining us for Puritanism: History and Theology Here’s a student essay defending the subject, asking why-study-puritan-theology.doc and here’s the powerpoint of Lecture 1 puritanism.ppt. Your immediate task is to purchase Pilgrims Progresss and read through Part … Continue reading

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The sovereignty of God: an Arminian perspective

This article was posted over at Arminian Perspectives by Kangeroodort. In the article he discusses the differences between Calvinists and Arminians on this issue. He asks a question that I have asked in the past. In fact, when I first … Continue reading

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