British India (EICo) Timeline

1600 English East India Company Established
1612 Red Dragon enters Surat and defeats Portugese
1616 Sir Thomas Roe attends Emperor Jahangir’s Court
1619 EIC granted permission to build factory at Surat
1640 EIC establishes Fort St George in Madras
1661 Bombay passes to Charles II as a Dowry
1696 Calcutta founded as Fort William
1720 Moghul power wanes as Muhammed Shah accedes to the throne in Delhi
1746 French capture Madras from British
1748 British attack Pondicherry. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle returns Madras to Britain
1751 Clive takes and holds Arcot to forestall French imposition of a puppet leader
1756 Siraj-Ud-Daulah takes Calcutta from British
1757 Clive wins Battle of Plassey – restores British rule in and around Calcutta
1760 EIC replaces Mir Jafar with Mir Kasim in Bengal
1761 British take Pondicherry from French
1764 Mughals defeated at Buxar
1766 EIC agrees to pay HM Government £400000 for use of British forces
1773 Bank of England bales out EIC with £1m loan
1775 – 1782 First Maratha War
1784 India Act sets up Board of Control to oversee EIC rule in India
1803 – 5 Second Maratha War
1817 – 18 Third Maratha War

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