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Hebrew: The forthcoming trial

Next week’s test will carry 40% of the total module mark, so please make careful preparation. We will be working from the MT of Exodus 3: 1-22 and you will be expected to translate, and make grammatical, textual, and exegetical … Continue reading

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Ready to go? The second semester looms…

Now that the next semester is looming (!) and the holidays all but gone, I present a short book list for those intending to take the courses I am offering in February. 1. PENTATEUCH This is a first year course: … Continue reading


Missiology: Looking at the Pentateuch

Here’s this week’s lecture on mission-in-the-pentateuch.ppt. Remember: I need to see your precis account of this appearing on your websites ASAP.

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Pentateuch: Final Exam

A few thoughts from today’s seminar: During the first week of June you must now ready yourself for a ninety minute examination comprised of the following: 10 Short Answers questions (20%) 5 paragraph questions (50 %) on major theological themes., … Continue reading

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The Documentary Hypothesis in Crisis

  After more than a century of the dominance of this theory in Old Testament studies, today there is no longer a consensus among scholars on the reliability and soundness of the theory. Some scholars propose to cancel out this theory … Continue reading

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Pentateuch: Examining the Territory

 A recent email suggested that I sketch out the territory for the forthcoming Pentateuch examination. So here goes: Questions on the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, the “documentary hypothesis” and the present state of scholarly analysis. Questions on the character and flavour … Continue reading

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The Origins of Israel

The Issue The initial answer to the question above is that the Israelites came from Egypt. A group of descendants of Abraham escaped from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. They wandered for forty years through the wilderness; … Continue reading

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The meaning of “Critical Introduction”

A critical introduction to the first of the five books of the Bible, which we call “Pentateuch” or “Torah” in its Hebrew name, is fundamental to an objective understanding of Christian Revelation and Faith. It is the record of the … Continue reading

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Women who got the call

Here is a further installment towards your “Role of Women in the Pentateuch” assignment entitled  women-who-got-the-call.doc

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Pentateuch: Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy: Overview Outline of the Book I. Call to Obedience: History As Basis for Communal Faith (1-4)A. Introduction and setting (1:1-5) B. Historical review (1:6-3:29) C. Call for response (4:1-40) D. Cities of refuge (4:41-43) II. The Ten Words: Foundational … Continue reading

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