Missiology: Looking at the Pentateuch

Here’s this week’s lecture on mission-in-the-pentateuch.ppt. Remember: I need to see your precis account of this appearing on your websites ASAP.

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2 Responses to Missiology: Looking at the Pentateuch

  1. Helen Benson says:

    Dear Dr. Baker,

    Sorry that I came late into your lecture period. Please can you expanciate on the nature of your assignment? So that I don’t make mistakes in the work you will want us to give you. and then I am not sure of what you meant that my precis account should appear in my website. I do not have a website.

    Is it possible I know if I can resubmit a work to cover your subject I failed last semester or resit the exam?


  2. kenbaker says:

    1.See principal about last module’s work
    2.Check the other students about websites. Make sure its running by next Tuesday.
    3.Check other students and website about assignments.
    (Use email for this kind of comment)

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