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Doing Evangelism together (2)

Why should we do evangelism relationally? Acts suggests several reasons: • to have fellowship (Acts 9:19, 26-28); • to have companionship (18:18; 19:29; 20:34; 27:1-2; 28:15); • to have protection (9:30; 17:15; 20:2-4); • to have encouragement (28:15); • to … Continue reading

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Doing evangelism together

In our culture, the activity of evangelism is often atomized, and individualized. This fits in well with the prevailing worldview of Western Europeanized societies. The concept of celebrity feeds the illusion of individual triumph in areas of beauty, wealth and … Continue reading

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How does Acts characterize evangelism?

Luke is not merely telling a story but proclaiming a message in the book of Acts. What is that message? Clearly, it is centered on the evangelistic mandate of 1:8 and the journey of the Gospel and its “gospellers” from … Continue reading

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Philippians 3 (Greek texts)

Here is last week’s Lecture on Philippians 3  and the updated  University Schedule. Please note that you need to get going with the choice of 4-12 verses for your exegesis paper. This is a major level 2 assignment and needs an appropriate amount … Continue reading

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Studying the New Testament

 From time to time there are specific queries from students about useful books to purchase to build up a good, rounded NT library. Here’s a selective nt-booklist.docwhich could have been much amplified. Enjoy. The asterisks mark those of particular importance.

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Pauline Studies: Assignment

During your placement, please give attention to one of the following areas and start preparing your assignment. Please let me know of your choice by email. Make sure your project engages with contemporary literature on Paul’s writings. Pauline Christology Pauline … Continue reading

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Paul on Damascus Road: Conversion or Commission?

Here are a couple of Word documents covering the background to the module   session-1.doc   and   session-2.doc  The caravaggio-paul.ppt is a short study on Caravaggio’s famous picture of Paul on the Damascus Road, as a teaser to today’s discussion Paul: Converted or Commissioned? … Continue reading

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Using the Internet at Bible College

A recent photo of dr-baker-in-his-study.jpg reminded me of the usefulness of internet research. Here’s a few pointers. Important websites (“meta-sites”) See the relevant links for Biblical Studies on the useful links pages. A particularly useful site for New Testament work … Continue reading

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Philippians: Introduction

philippians-intro.ppt Here is the Introduction lecture from the Greek Texts (Philippians) class. This week we are going to sketch a few of the major themes in the Epistle. Here is the lecture: themes-in-philippians.ppt Your homework from last week’s session was the preparation … Continue reading

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GETTING TO THE TEXT: The new semester modules

As you know, there have had to be some massive changes in the modules on offer during this year’s second semester due to the last minute withdrawal of two of our Biblical Studies lecturers. So here follows a revised version … Continue reading

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