Using the Internet at Bible College

A recent photo of dr-baker-in-his-study.jpg reminded me of the usefulness of internet research.

Here’s a few pointers.

Important websites (“meta-sites”) See the relevant links for Biblical Studies on the useful links pages. A particularly useful site for New Testament work is the New Testament Gateway. For Old Testament / Hebrew Bible, the iTankakh site, Ralph Klein’s OT Studies site, and the OT Gateway are particularly useful. Also helpful is The Text This Week (especially its Scripture Index). New Testament: Barry Smith’s textbook-like course pages You may find Barry Smith’s introductory course pages helpful; they are almost at a point where they would qualify as a substitute for an introductory textbook for NT studies. Old Testament / Hebrew Bible: Barry Bandstra’s textbook As pointed out in the module syllabus booklet, you may find Bandstra’s introductory textbook helpful: Bandstra’s website, which reproduces this book (Bandstra, B 1999. Reading the Old Testament. Rev. ed. Belmont: Wadsworth) is freely available at: Old Testament / Hebrew Bible Introduction There is a useful online ‘Introdution to the Old Testament course up with text / video / audio at the ‘Open Yale Courses’ website: It’s designed for a US-American college audience, so it’s pretty simple. Worthwhile listening to. You can get the 24 classes as text (transcript), audio (MP3), or various video file types. They are all free to download. Theology Today (journal) It is worth noting that this journal is accessible online; all but the most recent issues may be viewed at Relevant to OT studies are, for example:

Biblica (journal) Similarly, the journal Biblica is available online, though limited to issues from the past five or six years. Of interest may be an essay like:

Bulletin for Biblical Research Now online apart from the most recent volumes, at The server is often a little slow, but it’s worth persevering with.Religion Online See also many useful texts at this large site offering online versions of high-quality texts. For example:

  • Knight, D A 1982. Old Testament Ethics. Christian Century Jan. 20, 55. Online version at (accessed July 27, 2002).
  • Waetjen, H C 1998. The Origin of Jesus Christ: Matthew 1:1-25. Christian Century (May 20-27, 1998), 524-531.


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