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Doing Evangelism together (2)

Why should we do evangelism relationally? Acts suggests several reasons: • to have fellowship (Acts 9:19, 26-28); • to have companionship (18:18; 19:29; 20:34; 27:1-2; 28:15); • to have protection (9:30; 17:15; 20:2-4); • to have encouragement (28:15); • to … Continue reading

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Studying the New Testament

 From time to time there are specific queries from students about useful books to purchase to build up a good, rounded NT library. Here’s a selective nt-booklist.docwhich could have been much amplified. Enjoy. The asterisks mark those of particular importance.

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Paul on Damascus Road: Conversion or Commission?

Here are a couple of Word documents covering the background to the module   session-1.doc   and   session-2.doc  The caravaggio-paul.ppt is a short study on Caravaggio’s famous picture of Paul on the Damascus Road, as a teaser to today’s discussion Paul: Converted or Commissioned? … Continue reading

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Wisdom Literature: Welcome to the Matrix

Welcome to the Wisdom group. Here is a link to the schedule, (subject to approval) wisdom-maf.doc so that you can check the session titles. Today we looked at the powerpoint introduction-to-the-course.ppt and checked out the coursebook. Follow the hyperlinks to ourchase your … Continue reading

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