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Epistles of John: Overview of 1 Jn 4,5

This week we are looking-at-1-jn-45.ppt in an overview sketch of the two chapters. Thank you for the assignment outlines coming in via email. A book that you might consider in the wider reading for your assignment is Orthodox and Heretical Perfectionism … Continue reading

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Missiology: Matthew’s View of Mission

This week’s seminar was intended to cover the gospels, but it’s just all too interesting! Instead we will consider matthew_s-view-of-mission.ppt and do our best to make up the time later. Thank you for the biblical material appearing on your weblogs now. … Continue reading

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Romans: The Results of Justification

This week’s lecture on romans-lecture-7.ppt still develops the theme of Justification from Romans 5. Please check that your Romans 3 assignments are posted on your weblogs ASAP. Looking forward to reading your reviews of Conflict and Identity. and forthcoming lesson plans on … Continue reading

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Early Church History: Overview lecture

This week’s seminar/ lecture ech-lecture-5.ppt is something of an overview of the entire period (100-325 AD Christ to Constantine) so we will be revisiting some territory already covered, and hopefully laying down the parameters for your assignment on the developing ideas … Continue reading

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Puritanism: Lectures/ Assignment update

Here are the next two ppt lecture outlines: puritniasm-lecture-6.ppt and puritanism-lecture-5.ppt. I’ve posted below on the Puritan take on the theatre, but this week’s seminar will follow the story of the Puritans in the New World and the developing American ideology. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Puritans and the Theatre

The Puritans were an influential minority of Protestants who were dissatisfied with the Elizabethan Settlement. (One commented that Anglicanism was “a crooked compromise betwixt two religions.”) The Puritans desired a simpler Church ritual and doctrine more in line with Calvinism … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Life of Margaret Baxter

A recent post I enjoyed: I am currently in the process of finishing J.I. Packer’s book, A Grief Sanctified.  The subject of Packer’s writing is Richard Baxter.  Baxter was a pastor and author during the days of the Puritans.  He had a wife … Continue reading

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I’m looking forward to our next few sessions with great anticpation. We are coming into the heartland of Paul’s gospel when we discuss justification. This one doctrine has literally changed the world. Here are the powerpoints of our next seminars. … Continue reading

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Puritanism in the New World

Here are the lecture notes for the forthcoming lecture on puritanism-in-the-new-world.doc . Great to see your PP assignments coming together. Please make sure that you check the post Assignments and Schedules so that you can keep up to date with everything.

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Missiology: Mission in the Psalms

mission-in-the-psalms.doc Here’s the lecture notes for the forthcoming session on Mission in the Psalms. Make sure that you are up to date with your own reading (Glasser should be finished by now) and writing (by next week you should each have … Continue reading

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