Puritanism: Lectures/ Assignment update

Here are the next two ppt lecture outlines: puritniasm-lecture-6.ppt and puritanism-lecture-5.ppt. I’ve posted below on the Puritan take on the theatre, but this week’s seminar will follow the story of the Puritans in the New World and the developing American ideology.

I’ve enjoyed the outlines on Pilgrims Progress received so far. Check out habiba ‘s website. Also jean baptiste and Tessy , who have -it seems to me- to have some good advice to offer the rest of us here. Habiba has a handle on what a lesson plan should look like; J-B has made that all-important link with the Puritan context (I mean, that this whole project is teaching us about Puritanism and not about teaching Christianity); and Tessy has done a first draft of the entire project.

In this week’s class I shall attempt to team some of you up in a computer workshop so that we can bring everyone up to speed on the PP project. You might also consider  Samson ‘s technique of doing the lesson plan on a powerpoint presentation?

Finally on this: check the category Assignments 07 to make sure that you are going to get clear through all this study (with the extra bits) so that you can enjoy a stress-free Christmas!

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