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Doing Evangelism together (2)

Why should we do evangelism relationally? Acts suggests several reasons: • to have fellowship (Acts 9:19, 26-28); • to have companionship (18:18; 19:29; 20:34; 27:1-2; 28:15); • to have protection (9:30; 17:15; 20:2-4); • to have encouragement (28:15); • to … Continue reading

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What is Soteriology?

1. The Subject Matter of Soteriology 1. What is Salvation? 2. History of Understanding Salvation 3. Contemporary Trends and Relevance of Soteriology 1. The Subject Matter of Soteriology (1) What is Soteriology? (i) Soteriology as an academic discipline is primarily … Continue reading

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Internet Therapy: Soul Food

Evangelical Times Banner of Truth  Protestant Reformed Churches in America European Institute of Protestant Studies The Standard Bearer The Highway The Spurgeon Archive Evangelicals Now New Focus Bible Sermons Desiring God Grace to You Turning Point The Threshold Abate Not … Continue reading

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