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1 John: The Perfect Christian?

Here are the last two lecture sketches: ejohn-lecture-7.ppt  and e-john-lecture-8.ppt . Please email your assignment outlines as soon as possible, and also any problems that you are perhaps encountering. Of particular significance to your assignment is the lecture subtitled: “How holy … Continue reading

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Internet Therapy: Letting God out of the box

Some great sites for your edification Christian Classics Ethereal Library Exegetical Reflections floating axhead Girl Talk Gospel Driven Blog Joel Osteen John Piper Josh Harris Mark Wilson Northolt Grange Baptist Church   Peter Cockrell Pure Church

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The Missiology of the Pharisees

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel about on sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves,” Matthew 23:15. An article … Continue reading

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The Puritans and the Bible

 1.    What was the general approach of the Puritans to the Bible?  Puritanism was a spiritual movement that impacted Christian life, the declaration of the gospel, and ministry in local churches. Puritans applied their religious views at work, in the … Continue reading

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Examining Puritan documents

For the last few seminars we have been examining some documents on the nature of church in puritan theology. Next week we will develop our study through the theological statements of the Shorter Catechism, so please follow the links below … Continue reading

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Romans 8

romans-lecture-10.ppt   Here is the outline from this week’s seminar on Romans 8. Thanks for your input, guys. Just to confirm: next week I propose to select one or two class-members to preach at either/both Tuesday or Wednesday chapel. Be prepared!

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Another Crash Course in Puritan History

Another excellent post from which offers  crash course in Puritan studies through a glance at the lives of a few key individuals. Please check out their website for a cornucopia of good things.  John Field (1545–1588) – the brief Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Missiology- the Letters of Paul

Here’s the forthcoming lecture outline for paul-on-mission.ppt : a gentle introduction to a massive subject:)

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Early Church History: Introducing the Module

This module covers the period 100 AD to 325 AD. The start date is (approximately) the close of the New Testament period. Though we refer back to NT writings, our main concern is with the next generations. The close date … Continue reading

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Mission in Paul: Book Review

Gospel and Mission in the Writings of Paul: An Exegetical and Theological Analysis, by P. T. O’Brien. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1993. Pp. xiv-161. $9.99 (paper). [Reviewed by Robert Decker.] O’Brien’s thesis is that the apostle Paul is not … Continue reading

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