1 John: The Perfect Christian?

Here are the last two lecture sketches: ejohn-lecture-7.ppt  and e-john-lecture-8.ppt . Please email your assignment outlines as soon as possible, and also any problems that you are perhaps encountering. Of particular significance to your assignment is the lecture subtitled: “How holy can a Christian be?”

One assignment outline that impressed me went as follows:

Title: The Perfect Christian? (A study in 1 John)

Introduction: Key terms in 1 John light, seed, love, life, anointing

1. The life of Jesus

 “Walking  as Jesus walked… as He is in the light…and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.” The ongoing efficacy of the cross, the ongoing experience of walking as Jesus walked.

2. The family of the Father

“Born of God… little children, young men etc… seed/sperm… fellowship/family” Those that are born of God cannot sin!

3. The anointing of the Holy Spirit

“We have an anointing and we know” etc.

Conlclusion/ summary/ bibliography

I like the way that every claim towards teleios is nuanced by the corporate experience of the “we”, John’s community or church. It’s rather like the way that Paul never uses the word “saint” in the singular, but invariably the plural. That is to say, our holiness depends on the way we live in fellowship both with the Father (and Son) and with each other.

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