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Preacher claiming to be Jesus

What do you make of this, guys? Testimony to human gullibility? How would you disprove it?

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Da Vinci Code: Response

 Nicky Gumbel responds to Dan Brown in a challenging discussion at Some important connections with early church Christology.

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Christ to Constantine

 Jesus Christ in History and Tradition   It is tempting to by-pass the history of the ways in which Jesus Christ has been interpreted in order to bring the Christ mystery into immediate dialogue with our contemporary situation. However, since … Continue reading

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Between Two Horizons: Spanning New Testament Studies and Systematic Theology

Check out this important book edited by  Joel B. Green and Max Turner at Customer Review: I like this book because it has helped me immensely on why I should continue reading my Bible. The central thesis of this collection is to … Continue reading


Women who got the call

Here is a further installment towards your “Role of Women in the Pentateuch” assignment entitled  women-who-got-the-call.doc

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“Completely Free”

A serious clip from “The Passion of the Christ” with Big Daddy Weave backing music.

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Steve Harvey welcomes Christ

More on the CONTEMPORIZING CHRIST thread. Check this out:

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Notes for the Christology (Year 3) class. I’ve attached lecture notes for jesus-in-mark.doc , together with jesus-in-luke.doc, jesus-in-john.doc and matthews-jesus.doc. I append the two powerpoint lectures the-virgin-birth.ppt and jesus-in-the-gospels.ppt. Let me know if any links don’twork. The assignment is now ready for your … Continue reading

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  mch-people-profiles-2.doc  This is another compilation of student assignments on the “movers and shakers” of the last three centuries of church history. Some good stuff here. Well done guys!

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This is a scholarly  article entitled the-messianic-figure-in-film-mcever.doc by Dr McEver to prepare for May’s Christology lecture

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