Pentateuch: Final Exam


A few thoughts from today’s seminar: During the first week of June you must now ready yourself for a ninety minute examination comprised of the following:

10 Short Answers questions (20%)

5 paragraph questions (50 %) on major theological themes., such as:

The character of Moses, the Abrahamic Covenant, sacrifice, priesthood,

law, tabernacle, plagues of Egypt

1 essay question (30%): Examples of essay questions: The Theology of one of the books of the Pentateuch; The Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch; The Character of God in the Pentateuch



There are numerous resources for the study of the Pentateuch today. Apart from printed materials, there are a lot of resources in video format, CD’s, DVD’s, and the most accessible are the ones in the internet. As a caution, resources can also be overwhelming. We will try to indicate links that are relevant for our course. For a good online introduction to the Old Testament, click on this site of B. L. BANDSTRA.

For your ongoing study, I suggest the following books:

1) JEAN-LOUIS SKA, Introduction to Reading the Pentateuch (Eisenbrauns, 2006). , A general summary of this book can be found in Jean-Louis Ska, “The Pentateuch”, in The International Bible Commentary, pp. 335-343.

2) A. E.CAMPBELL AND M. O’BRIEN, Sources of the Pentateuch: Texts, Introductions, Annotations (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1993).

3) JOSEPH BLENKINSOPP, The Pentateuch: An Introduction to the First Five Books of the Bible (AB Reference Library; New York: Doubleday, 1992). For an introduction to this book you can read the review of J.-L. Ska in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 58 (1996), pp. 100-102. A summary of this book is also found in Joseph Blenkinsopp, “Introduction to the Pentateuch,” in The New Interpreters Bible Volume 1, pp. 305-318.

4) ANTHONY R. CERESKO, Introduction to the Old Testament: A Liberation Perspective (revised and expanded edition;
Quezon City: Claretians, 2001).

5) JOHN J. COLLINS, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible with CD-ROM (
Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004).

6) GORDON WENHAM, Exploring the Old Testament Volume I: The Pentateuch

 (London: SPCK, 2003).

Finally, here are a few links with this week’s seminar material in the Theology of Exodus. We considered exodus-as-drama.ppt. Here are the lecture notes: exodus.doc with a few extra ideas-for-exodus.doc. Hope that helps.

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