Wisdom Literature: Welcome to the Matrix

wisdom-tradition.jpgWelcome to the Wisdom group. Here is a link to the schedule, (subject to approval) wisdom-maf.doc so that you can check the session titles. Today we looked at the powerpoint introduction-to-the-course.ppt and checked out the coursebook. Follow the hyperlinks to ourchase your copy from http://abebooks.co.uk or http://amazon.co.uk as you wish. Jean-Baptiste’s copy arrived the day after ordering, so I expect everyone kitted out by the next session.

As mentioned in class, the first task is to post on your blog TWENTY books on the Wisdom Tradition that you have discovered on the net. Free (funsize) Mars Bar to the first post.

Here’s some material to whet your appetite for remainder of the course:lecture-1-sermon.doc is a slightly devotional  approach to the subject; 1-what-is-wisdom.ppt is slightly more explanatory;  and, finally, an introduction to Proverbslecture-2-prov-intro.doc . Please read this material and post it on your own blogs under a Wisdom category if you wish

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