Introduction to Prophets 2: TV show

New Show About the Old Testament Prophets to Debut on CatholicTV in September
8/14/2009 – 11:53 AM PST

Starting in September, CatholicTV will air a new show entitled “The Prophets and You”. This new show is hosted by Dr. John Clabeaux. Dr. Clabeaux earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University and is an associate professor of Sacred Scripture at Pontifical College Josephinum School of Theology in Columbus, OH.

Dr. Clabeaux says that “Who the prophets were is essential to Christian identity because as believers we are called to be prophets ourselves.”

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television network headquartered near Boston. CatholicTV streams its broadcast simultaneously, 24 hours a day at

Below are dates and themes for upcoming episodes in September:

Sept. 7 Prophecy: Christian Calling or Church Problem?
Sept. 14 Divine Sympathy: Jeremiah and Elijah
Sept. 21 Prophecy and the Old Testament: Josiah’s Reform
Sept. 28 Amos: God’s Justice

Starting in September, “The Prophets and You” will air each week at and on CatholicTV at the following times (EST): Monday-9AM & 8PM; Tuesday-6PM; Thursday-2PM; Friday 12:30AM; Sunday 4:30AM & 9PM

You can watch simply by going online at and following the link.

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