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Puritanism: Lectures/ Assignment update

Here are the next two ppt lecture outlines: puritniasm-lecture-6.ppt and puritanism-lecture-5.ppt. I’ve posted below on the Puritan take on the theatre, but this week’s seminar will follow the story of the Puritans in the New World and the developing American ideology. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Puritans and the Theatre

The Puritans were an influential minority of Protestants who were dissatisfied with the Elizabethan Settlement. (One commented that Anglicanism was “a crooked compromise betwixt two religions.”) The Puritans desired a simpler Church ritual and doctrine more in line with Calvinism … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Life of Margaret Baxter

A recent post I enjoyed: I am currently in the process of finishing J.I. Packer’s book, A Grief Sanctified.  The subject of Packer’s writing is Richard Baxter.  Baxter was a pastor and author during the days of the Puritans.  He had a wife … Continue reading

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James Packer on Why we need the Puritans: “A QUEST FOR GODLINESS”

Horse Racing is said to be the sport of kings. The sport of slinging mud has, however, a wider following. Pillorying the Puritans, in particular, has long been a popular pastime both sides of the Atlantic, and most people’s image … Continue reading

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Puritanism:Baxter and Tools for further study

Here is a series of hyper-links for puritanism-further-study.doc; the document on the life of richard-baxter-bio.doc; the document on the-theological-roots-of-puritanism.doc and the powerpoint outline puritanism-lecture-4.ppt.

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Puritan Timeline

The Puritans: 1600-1699 Richard Baxter, John Owen, Blaise Pascal, John Bunyan, and The Westminster Assembly 1603 Arminius takes the position that predestination is based on fore-knowledge 1603 James I becomes King 1604 The Puritans meet James at Hampton Court. Their … Continue reading

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Puritanism: Lectures II

Here are the lectures so far in our series, in powerpoint outline form: puritanism-lecture-3.ppt puritanism-lecture-2.ppt puritanism-lecture-1.ppt

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