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Puritan Timeline

The Puritans: 1600-1699 Richard Baxter, John Owen, Blaise Pascal, John Bunyan, and The Westminster Assembly 1603 Arminius takes the position that predestination is based on fore-knowledge 1603 James I becomes King 1604 The Puritans meet James at Hampton Court. Their … Continue reading

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THE ISM TRAIL: Heresies in the Early Church

By popular demand I am posting the essay on heresies-in-the-early-churh.doc with due acknowledgement to Robert Jones who has written a number of first class Church History courses for adult Sunday School classes. Check out his work by following the links in … Continue reading

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Early Church History: Why were they persecuted?

A Rick Wade post (PROBE) There are several important and interrelated reasons for the persecution of the early church. First was the problem of identity. Christianity was identified at first with Judaism, but people quickly came to see it as … Continue reading

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Puritanism: Lectures

Greetings to Year 2/3 students joining us for Puritanism: History and Theology Here’s a student essay defending the subject, asking why-study-puritan-theology.doc and here’s the powerpoint of Lecture 1 puritanism.ppt. Your immediate task is to purchase Pilgrims Progresss and read through Part … Continue reading

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Movements in Victorian Christianity

Chartists on Kennington Common Tractarians, Chartists, Darwinists and Fundamentalists 1.Tractarians/ Oxford Movement   The Oxford Movement was an affiliation of High Church Anglicans, most of which were members of the University of Oxford, who sought to demonstrate that the Church of England … Continue reading

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Worried? Notes on forthcoming exams

Worried? No need. Here’s some notes on the final exams in Modern Church History and Introduction to Christian Doctrine  Modern Church History We will follow the same pattern in MCH and in Doctrine as we went through in the Pentateuch … Continue reading


The Resurgence of Catholicism

Pope Pius IX: Architect of the First Vatican Council This week’s seminar is entitled the-resurgence-of-catholicism.ppt and charts the development of the Roman Catholic church from 1815 (the final defeat of Napoleon and the reshaping of Europe) to 1963 (the asassination of … Continue reading

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Christ to Constantine

 Jesus Christ in History and Tradition   It is tempting to by-pass the history of the ways in which Jesus Christ has been interpreted in order to bring the Christ mystery into immediate dialogue with our contemporary situation. However, since … Continue reading

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  mch-people-profiles-2.doc  This is another compilation of student assignments on the “movers and shakers” of the last three centuries of church history. Some good stuff here. Well done guys!

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Modern Church History: PEOPLE PROFILES

mch-people-profiles.doc This is a compilation of the sketches sent in thus far.

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