By way of introduction…


This is a meta-site for History students GCSE through A Level and (occasionally) beyond. This is our e-market where you can buy into historical information and track sites all over the Internet. Be a discerning purchaser. It’s mostly targeting UK exam questions. Please send your questions in and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. 🙂

Link in to your own blogs and share your discoveries…. Enjoy.

Dr KGJ Baker

12 Responses to By way of introduction…

  1. Robin Roddie says:

    Dear Ken

    I am completing the annual bibliography of Irish Methodist Historical literatue, 2007 and in listing your article on ‘Sydney Smith and the Methodists’ in the WHS Bulletin I would like to list your full names rather than just giving the G and J initials.

    Kind regards

    Robin Roddie

  2. kenbaker says:

    HI Robin
    It’s George Jeffreys….. possibly I’ve been genetically programmed to be a Pentecostal?

  3. Dr. Baker,

    Are you the Ken Baker who served as a member of the NIV translation committee? If so, can you please email me at I have a question for you. Thanks!

  4. Dr Ken Baker says:

    Hello John,
    No, I’m afraid not!

  5. Dr Ken Baker says:

    (Nor am I the Ken Baker who served as R2D2 in the Star Wars trilogy)

  6. e4unity says:

    George Jeffreys Baker-

    I found your site today and am thrilled to say the least. Thanks for the power point on English 18th century history. The 17th is my own preference, it has helped me over the years to understand much about such things as Church/State, the Free Church movement in the midst of the Westminster divines, etc.

    I hope I’m not making a mistake in identifying you with the Director of Admissions, Regent in Virginia? I know this Regent only by reputation from some special people like the Lutheran pastor in New Rochell,NY.

    Grace and peace be multiplied.

  7. e4unity says:

    Mistake corrected! I found you on the other side of the pond and on another level of educational environment. Wow. I now have a prep school to highly recommend to any American youth that will come to their senses and study abroad.

    One more thing, if you had been at Regent, Virginia, I might had assumed that your remark about the DNA of a pentecostal was in fact legit. But now I’m a bit confused. Perhaps you meant the Welsh pentecostal as in Martyn Lloyd Jones?

  8. kenbaker says:

    Thanks for your kind words.
    The DNA reference simply refers to George Jeffreys of British Pentecostal fame.

  9. Julie Husband says:

    Dear Dr. Baker:

    I enjoyed your information on black Civil War soldiers. I’m publishing a book on antislavery writing and would love to include the picture you have of black Civil War soldiers. The only pictures I’ve found are posed, indoor portraits or grainy pictures from Civil War camps. Where did you get this amazing up-close picture and can I secure permission from you to use it?

    Julie Husband

  10. kenbaker says:

    Good morning Julie
    The picture I used was just from Google images (The search was probably on “black civil war soldiers” or something similar, though I think do a piece on the black experience of the Civil War which may include photos.
    Happy hunting (and please send details of your book too!)

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