Why do A Level History?

History is a fascinating subject allowing you to learn about some of the greatest personalities and most significantevents of the past. Learning about history and the past is important in helping you to understand why things happened and what significance they had.

This course is an analytical subject; if you enjoy asking questions and discussing points of view, you will be well suited to it.What are the entry requirements?To take four or more AS subjects in your first year and carry through to at least three full A Levels in year two,you need six GCSEs at grades A*-C, including two subjects at grade B and English at grade C or above.How long is the course?1 year for AS and a further 1 year for a full A Level.

What topics will I study?
There are a huge range of modules available, and to a large extent, we can tailor courses to your individual preferences. The present group will proceed as follows:
History covers two modules in the AS year and two modules at A Level.

In your first year you will study The Crusades and the English Civil War. At A Level you will cover Peter I of Russia for coursework and the Tudor Rebellions for the synoptic element.How is the course assessed?You will complete a document based paper and an essay based paper inyour first year, one of which will be assessed in January and the other in June.

At A Level you will complete two pieces of coursework, the first to becompleted by December and the second by Easter. You will also sit a synoptic paper in June.

When can I start the course?

What are the career opportunities?

History is highly regarded by Universities and employers because students who study it develop experience in gathering and analysing information. You will find a History qualification useful in many careers such as Journalism, Teaching, Legal Professions, Civil Service, Media, Business and Accountancy.

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