Finding Books for Bible College students

It is possible you might experience difficulties finding all the books recommended on the reading lists and in the modules. There are various avenues you can explore to try to find books. It is worth remembering these processes can take a few weeks. Planning in advance will help prevent delays to your studies.
• The Internet – there are many web sites devoted to book searches and mail order. Below are a selection:
– SPCK has a mail order service. Visit their web-site or phone 01522 569936.
– Amazon books (or who work in conjunction with Amazon).
– Visit Beaver Booksearch or telephone 01986 896698 (free search in the UK).
– Hay on Wye Booksearch search for new and second hand copies.
– ICM Discount Books can offer students up to 50% discount. Telephone Gerry Todd on 01452 304768, or email him on
– Dove Booksellers specialises in Biblical and Ancient studies.
– Abe Books are a useful company which specialise in finding rare or out of print books.
• Ask your minister/vicar/pastor – it is likely that they have shelves full of books from their time of training that they may be willing to lend to other theology students.
• Your local library – even if the book is not on the shelf at your local library, do check with staff to see if it is stocked at another branch or in ‘reserve stores’ (i.e. books kept in storage but not displayed due to lack of space or the age and condition of the copy).
• Inter-Library Loans – if your library does not have a copy in the county, then you can undertake an Inter-Library Loan through them. This process means the library, for a minimal charge, will borrow the book from another library, via the established regional and national Inter-Library Loan Scheme.
• Nearby Universities/Colleges – check to see if you have a university or Bible college in your area. UK and Europe-based students of the University of Gloucestershire are entitled to join the SCONUL Access scheme, which gives you access to other participating academic libraries. Visit the SCONUL Access website to find out more about participating colleges,
• The Evangelical Library in London is a large collection of evangelical resources, which students studying biblical studies or church history and doctrine modules could find very useful. There is a mailing scheme, and their catalogue is available online. Visit their web pages – or telephone 020 7935 6997 for more information.
• Partnership House Mission Studies Library in London has a wide collection of books and journals on Christian Theology and mission studies in particular. Books can be borrowed on payment of an annual subscription, and books can be supplied by post. For more information, telephone Colin Rowe, Librarian, on 020 7803 3215. See here to search the web catalogue.
• SPCK, Wesley Owen or other bookshops specialising in theology or religious studies. Again, if the book is not on the shelf, ask the staff to see if they can order it from elsewhere. Remember, as students, you can get discounts at both SPCK and Wesley Owen. Contact the OTC office for more information.
• Corrin Books – half price books for students. Contact Rev. Bentley, 13 Camelford Close, Bramsholme, Hull HU7 4DL. Tel 01482 820962

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