KS3 Civil War project

Key Questions for your assignment

1. What was the American Civil War and what were its main causes? Write an introduction to the war. Note its Date, location and background. Find out the major cause but think about other possible causes too. That is, slavery of course, , but also think about industry, power, control and the development of the colonies from 1776 onwards.
2. What were the main roles of African Americans within that war? Were there black officers? Did the black soldiers suffer any discrimination because of their colour? Were black soldiers decorated for bravery? What battles did they fight in?
3. Why did black soldiers fight on the Confederate side? Think about that question: why would they defend slavery? Or were they fighting for other reasons? Find out what those reasons might have been.
4. What were the consequences of the war for Black Americans. Think about black ex-slaves in the south/ did they get the vote? Did they get equality of status? How did the defeated white southerners feel about it? What about the black people in the north? Find out about the “Jim Crow” laws/ “Reconstruction.

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