Let’s hear it AGAINST Roosevelt

Critics of the New Deal
Conservative opponents said Roosevelt had spent too much government money.
The wealthy businessmen behind the American Liberty League argued that by increasing taxation and encouraging the development of the trade union movement, Roosevelt had betrayed his own class (Roosevelt was from a very wealthy family).
Many ordinary people began writing letters saying things like this one from a man in California – “you are multi-millionaires, what do you care for the masses of the people?”.
Huey Long – the Governor of Louisiana, known as The Kingfish, launched the Share our Wealth campaign in which personal fortunes of more than $3 million would be redistributed to ordinary citizens.
Father Charles Coughlin – a Canadian priest – broadcast popular sermons on the CBS network, promising to nationalise the banks.
Dr Francis Townsend planned to boost the economy by raising pensions for the over 60s – in return, they would spend $200 a month to increase demand for consumer goods.

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