Wisdom Assignment: Trying to look clever?


….and failing?

Here is a list of possible Wisdom assignments, as mentioned in class

  • Wisdom Literature and Creation Theology
  • Suffering and the book of Job
  • The Subversive Character of Job’s Epilogue
  • Biblical Theology and Wisdom Literature
  • Wisdom Literature and Divine Guidance
  • From Lady Wisdom to Jesus Christ
  • Feminine Imagery in Biblical Wisdom
  • Women and Biblical Wisdom Literature
  • Qohelet among the Sages
  • Wisdom  as “Middle Discourse” with the World
  • Wisdom Literature and the Sanctity of Life
  • Genre and Historicity of the Book of Job
  • Proverbs and Moral Formation
  • The Theology of a Particular Wisdom Book

I am open to other suggestions but please run them by me before you get started. Please use the relative leisure (!) of your pastoral placements to get a grip on your ideas so that you can present an initial draft on your return to class in April.

ALSO: please complete your reading of Brown and post a review on your blog. Email me notification when this is done.

The assignment should be c.3000 words (not including bibliography and footnotes).

Our next lectures will be on ECCLESIASTES so make sure that this has been read thoroughly.

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