Romans: The final round-up

The assignment will be a study of Paul and Law. It will have four sections: an interpretive section on Rom 3:21-31;A lesson plan for a 45 minute class on Rom 7:7-25; a sermon on Rom 11:25-32; and an exegetical  section on Rom 14. 

Here is an article paul-and-the-law.doc that may suggest some ideas/ background reading and offer a wider perspective on a complex and controversial subject. One or two have asked how they might approach the exegesis of Romans 14 in relation to “Law” and so I offer this article at as a suggestion how you might proceed.

A couple of caveats:

1. Remember, as you re-format your blog-work and bring the completed paper in, that you are considering -quite narrowly- Paul’s views only in the above mentioned passages. Don’t be tempted to branch out into a wider discussion or your completed work will lack the required depth.

2. Keep in mind that the project title is Paul and the Law. It is not intended that you do a sketch commentary of everything within the set passages: only a consideration of how those passages contribute to the title subject. Email any queries on this one.

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