Romans 13: Should Christians be doormats?


Here’s some notes on this week’s seminar should-christians-be-doormats.doc and the notes from the “Church and Israel” discussion on Romans 9-11 rom-9-11.doc. I’ve included the sermon on Romans 11 sermon-rom-1133-36.doc to give you an idea how yours might look. The two PowerPoint outlines are here romans-lecture-12.ppt and here romans-lecture-11.ppt and here is the PowerPoint lecture on  romans-13.ppt.

We are getting ready now for the last bit of our assignment project, based on an exegesis of Romans 14 in relation to Paul’s view of the Law. This week we are considering Paul’s view of civic responsibility, as outlined in Romans 13:1-7. (Check out Esler Confliuct and Identity through these next two weeks. He is exceptional, plus other links through ).

Here’s how your assignment should be shaping up ready for delivery by Christmas:

The assignment will be a study of Paul and Law. It will have four sections: an interpretive section on Rom 3:21-31;A lesson plan for a 45 minute class on Rom 7:7-25; a sermon on Rom 11:25-32; and an exegetical  section on Rom 14. 

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