Romans: Lectures III

Here is the next series of lectures: romans-lecture-4.ppt and

romans-lecture-5.ppt. Make sure you get your assignment on Romans 3:21-31 posted ASAP. Material available on Follow the links to Paul

Here’s a sample overview:

The epistle to the Romans is God’s Word. Its theme is the gospel of His grace, and the gospel bespeaks the marvels of his condescension and love. If we are not overwhelmed by the glory of that gospel and ushered into the holy of holies of God’s presence, we have missed the grand purpose of this sacred deposit.” – John Murray

  • The Revealed Christ (1:1-4)
  • The Revealed Gospel as The Power of God For Salvation (1:16,17)
  • The Nature and Focus of God’s Wrath (1:18ff)
  • The Nature and Extent of Sin & Guilt (1:18-3:20)
  • The Atonement of Christ (3:21-26)
  • The Appropriation of the Promise by Faith(4)
  • God’s Gift of Righteousness Imputed (5)
  • The Mindset of Sanctification: Baptism with Christ (6)
  • The Struggle Between Sin & Law (7:7-25)
  • The Life in The Spirit (8)
  • The Sovereign – Historical Faithfulness of God to his People (8:18-11:36)
  • The Christian Manner of Life with God & Community & World & Self (12-15)
  • God as the Establisher Through the Gospel (16:25)
  • Faith & Obedience as the Goal of Revelation (16:25,26).
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