Romans: Lectures

Welcome to the Romans class.

Word to the wise: It is acknowledged that you have all been introduced to the finer points of NT Greek, so your exegesis work must take that into account.

The assignment this semester is on Paul and the Law, but we are approaching that vast subject in a number of ways, and working with multiple genres. The first section to which you have to bend your brain is a short interpretive study of Romans 3:21ff. Check the details in the handout sheet and start posting on your blogs.

Check out the Lampeter resources and also the Sconul, but, by way of kicking off, simply try the NT Gateway link on the sidebar here. Here is the second romans-lecture-2.ppt; a short note on the old-testament-quotations-in-paul.doc and a longer account of our discussion on the question what_is_the_status_of_paul_in_acts1.doc?

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