Puritanism: Lectures

John Owen

Greetings to Year 2/3 students joining us for Puritanism: History and Theology

Here’s a student essay defending the subject, asking why-study-puritan-theology.doc and here’s the powerpoint of Lecture 1 puritanism.ppt.

Your immediate task is to purchase Pilgrims Progresss and read through Part One.

Peace and Grace!

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2 Responses to Puritanism: Lectures

  1. helen benson says:

    Dear Dr. Baker, just to let you know that I was able to log on into my inbox but did not find your reply to my question of last week.

    First, the question is I do not have my personal website and how do I go about tracking back and forwrd to sending my work to you.

    Secondly, I am not too sure that I understand the assignmnet question you gave on the Pilgrim progress, and is there any thing I have lost out as I missed your class due to my tuition fees not completed. But Praise God the Lord provided the whole of the amount of £1,260.

    Please can you give clear guidance how to go about all assignments as non of my colleques are helpful in this regards.

    Please reply to my email address above.Thank you and God bless.

    Helen Email:hlbens@hotmail.co.uk

  2. helenben says:

    Dear Dr baker,

    Thanks for your response to my enquiry that you sent to my email.

    But the question was not answered. Yes, I have bought and read Part 1 of pilgrim Progress. The question is what is the assignment on the Part 1?

    please still reply to my email as i have not gotten my bearing on my use of the word press site. Thanks and God bless.

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