Worried? Notes on forthcoming exams

Worried? No need.

Here’s some notes on the final exams in Modern Church History and Introduction to Christian Doctrine
 Modern Church History
We will follow the same pattern in MCH and in Doctrine as we went through in the Pentateuch preparation. As follows:
10 short answer questions (20 %)
5 paragraph questions (50%)
1 (out of 3) essay questions (30%)
The short answer questions will probably be famous names (cf that list etc) / date recognition (1815, 1869, 1962 etc)/ events (, Vatican 1 etc)
The paragraph questions will be explaining events (Tractarians, Chartists, Darwin controversy, Liberalism, Fundamentalism)
The essay questions will be a choice (Context and outcome of vatican 1 and 2/ Cause Course and Consequence of 1st or 2nd Awakening/ Impact of Industrial revolution on English religion etc)
Introduction to Doctrine
Short answer questions: famous names/ theological names (Harnack,Bultmann. kenosis, pneumatology,  etc)
Paragraph questions: on theological themes
Essay questions on ;larger doctrinal themes: authority, revelation, scripture/ christology/ doctrine of God/ pneumatology (Holy Spirit in the Bible etc)
Just a reminder to Year 3 Christology module: there is no final exam but TWO ASSIGNMENTS (Jesus in John 1 and Christ to Constantine are due by June 4th (Sorry: this is final cut-off date…. we cannot accept late submissions on this one, because of marking exigencies)


4 Responses to Worried? Notes on forthcoming exams

  1. tessy says:

    Hello sir
    Calvary greetings in the name of our preciuos LORD!
    hope you are very well as usual sir. The LORD is your joy and salvation. He who is more than able will continously shield and fill your basket. may your cup of blessings never go dried. for the past one week i could not access your website due to networks problems but thanks be to God i was able to access it this evening. i hope you got my second essay which is to replace the first one. i like the set up on your website, it is very encouraging but sometimes i am unable to print some stuff out espcially the ones that has pictures with them. anyway, never mind. our God is in controll. i still cannot set up my own website. maybe after my exams you can please assist me on how to set it up with college pc. sir.
    remain blessed in the LORD.
    sis. t.

  2. kenbaker says:

    Hi Tessy
    If you wish I can start you off with the website. Simply email me a note with your email in it, your website title. WordPress will send you a password which must be activated within a couple of days. I’ll do that for you if you wish (if you send me the password). Then it’s over to you… Tell me what you think.

    Probably you won’t be able to print out the pictures and text together.

  3. tessy says:

    good evenining sir
    peace of God unto you!
    i am very sorry i have not been able to reply your message. i appreciate your kindness and help offering to support me open my own website. i will be grateful if that will take place after my exams. i will inform you as soon as i am through with my workload. thanks and abundant of God’s blessings.

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