Modern Church History: The American Experience

Charles Grandison Finney (with those preacher’s eyes!)

Here’s today’s seminar entitled Modern Church History Seminar2: The American Experience(Powerpoint).  The period 1815-1840 makes a fascinating historical study. Follow these links if you would like to check this area out further.

    Andrew Jackson (1767-1845),
“A short biography of Andrew Jackson and a collection of his inaugural and state-of-the-nation addresses. Created by Hal Morris as part of an online project, From Revolution to Reconstruction, which is sponsored by the University of Groningen, Netherlands. The site also includes Jackson’s Bank Veto Message of 1832 and an evaluative essay on the Jackson Era.”*

    History of the Cherokee Nation,
“A thorough history of the Cherokee Nation, authored by Ken Martin of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. The site includes an extensive history, which address Cherokee culture, tradition, religion, law, and important events. Images and maps, genealogy resources, links to other Cherokee and Native American Web sites, and suggestions for further reading supplement Mr. Martin’s narrative.”*

    Jackson’s Bank War,
“A history of President Jackson’s war on the Bank of the United States. The debate over the future of the Second Bank of the United States centered around two men, President Jackson and bank president Nicholas Biddle. This page presents a thorough history of the debate and of the central figures involved in it. Jackson’s victory in the war led to the end of centralized banking in the United States, which continued for a large portion of the nineteenth century.”*

    Tales of the Early Republic,
“A hypertext encyclopedia of the Jacksonian era. Site creator Hal Morris calls his project, which covers the years 1815 to 1850, “A History Resource, and an Experiment in Hypertext Style.” The main part of the page is a long hypertext article with links to various subjects, but the site also includes a detailed timeline of events, some primary sources such as the transcripts of the Hayne-Webster Debates, and an extensive list of online readings from the period.”*

    The Making of America,
“A digital library of more than 4,000 nineteenth-century primary-source documents about American social history. Maintained by the University of Michigan, the collection includes journals such as Ladies Repository, Southern Quarterly Review, and Vanity Fair, and writings by George Fitzhugh, Sarah Myers, and others.”*

    The Trail of Tears,
“A short introduction to The Trail of Tears. Created by Golden Ink Internet Solutions for the North Georgia web site, these pages fold explanations of key people, terms, and events into a succinct narrative of the causes and consequences of the Cherokee Removal. Highlights include secondary accounts of the New Echota representational government as well as a brief biography of Sequoya, developer of the Cherokee alphabet.”*

    Women and Social Movements in the US, 1820-1940,
“Homepage for editorial projects in women’s history at the State University of New York at Binghamton. This site houses twenty-eight projects, which each examine a specific aspect of women’s lives and social history through a collection of primary-source documents. Almost 600 documents and 100 images are accessible through the project sites. The project titles include ‘Southern Women and Antilynching’, ‘Puerto Rican Women Garment Workers and the New Deal,” and “Lucretia Mott’s Reform Networks, 1840-1860’.”*

* sv. “Links”,

Primary Documents

    The American Anti-Slavery Society: Declaration of Sentiments, 1833

    Rev. Dr. Richard Furman’s Exposition of The View of the Baptists Relative to the Colored Population of the United States to the Governor of South Carolina, 1833

    Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia, 1831

    Henry David Thoreau: On Civil Disobedience

    Henry Clay’s Speech on Jackson’s Bank Veto, July 10, 1832

    Andrew Jackson Bank Veto Message, July 10, 1832


Maps and Photos

    Andrew Jackson Peace Medal, 1832 (jpg, 56.6K)

    Celestia Bull’s Domestic Scene, Connecticut (jpg, 48.8K)

    Ship’s Figurehead of Andrew Jackson (jpg, 35K)

    Henry Clay (jpg, 82.1K)

    Robert Fulton (jpg, 27.7K)

    Recreation of the Clermont (jpg, 16.1K)

    Samuel Slater (jpg, 31.7K)

    Martin Van Buren (jpg, 31.6K)

    Emma Willard (jpg, 45.3K)

    Troy Seminary (jpg, 95.6K)

    Catharine Beecher (jpg, 102K)

    Hartford Seminary  (jpg, 42.3K)

    Mary Lyon (jpg, 12.9K)

    Charles Grandison Finney  (jpg, 60.6K)

    Lyman Beecher  (jpg, 32K)

    William Lloyd Garrison  (jpg, 17.5K)

    Cover of David Walker’s Book (jpg, 6.01K)

    Elijah Lovejoy (jpg, 14.5K)

    Angelina Grimke (jpg, 22.1K)

    Sarah Grimke (jpg, 13.9K)

    John C. Calhoun  (jpg, 24.8K)

    Nicholas Biddle (jpg, 27.4K)

    William Henry Harrison (jpg, 72.6K)

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  1. Kiberen maiyo says:

    That ws good work doctor.

    Thanks for the notes cum lectures.

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