Pauline Epistles/ Web Sites

Web Sites

The Paul Page (New URL)
By Mark M. Mattison: a page “dedicated to the new perspective on Paul” featuring dissertation, articles and a review all by Mattison and multiple links to material both on site and off site, both in favour of and critical of the new perspective.  A very useful website for scholars and students of the NT.

Paul and the Pauline Epistles
By Jenee Woodard: a fine, comprehensive collection of links to articles, reviews and relevant material on Paul. There is no better place to start than this. A component of The Text This Week.

The Paul Project (New URL)
Based at “Third Millennium” website;  some useful introductory materials, largely conservative.

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
From the PBS documentary’s web site, this contains much useful information on Paul including sections on Paul’s Mission and Letters and Paul’s Congregations. The pieces are written by Wayne Meeks and Michael White, among others.

Examples of Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation in Paul
Well-organised excerpts from Vernon Robbins, The Tapestry of Early Christian Discourse: Rhetoric, Society and Ideology (London: Routledge, 1996); part of the excellent web site on Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation.

Grundkurs “Basiswissen zur Chronologie des Apostels Paulus”
By Prof. Dr Alfred Suhl: wonderful, animated powerpoint introduction to the study of Pauline chronology (in German). You will need to download the Powerpoint Animation Player to view the presentations, available free (PowerPoint 95) by following a link on the site, or available direct from Microsoft at this link: PowerPoint 97 Animation Player.

Conflict and Community in the Corinthian Church
Edited by J. Shannon Clarkson: excellent and extensive materials from The Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church. This well designed web-site is both scholarly and devotional. Current features include Corinth at the Time of Paul’s Arrival, Maps Related to the Life of Paul and an Annotated Bibliography and more features are to be added throughout 2000 and 2001.

As Paul Tells It
By J. Peter Bercovitz: large scholarly web site featuring original materials on Paul working on the basis of a John Knox / Gerd Lüdemann type letters-first chronology. The site is well designed and you have the option of working through it sequentially, page by page, or of navigating from the front page. It works on a variety of levels, from introductory (e.g. Paul’s Resumé) to more advanced (e.g. Letters Based Chronology). Also features good background material on early Christianity and useful sections on Acts.

Journeys of Paul
By Craig Koester: clearly presented and nicely illustrated introduction to the life of Paul based on the Acts of the Apostles. Ideal for those looking for an introduction to the journeys of Paul in Acts.

In the Footsteps of St Paul
Critically acclaimed 6-part BBC Radio 4 series on Paul introduced by Edward Stourton. You can no longer listen to the programmes on-line, but scripts are still available.

Introduction to the Epistles of Paul
By B. W. Johnson, from The People’s New Testament (1891); old-fashioned and conservative but still useful.

Footsteps of Paul
An enjoyable, illustrated virtual tour around the places Paul visited, featuring introductions and potted histories.

The Missionary Journeys of Paul
From the Unbound Bible at Biola University; this is more of an “Acts” link, but it does feature what it calls “Paul’s resume” and a conservative Acts-based chronology.

Visit this section of the New Testament Gateway to see several attempts to draw maps of Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Acts.

Discussion List

Corpus Paulinum
The Corpus Paul Email List: for the “scholarly discussion and evaluation of critical questions surrounding the life, influence, teaching, theology, and the writings of the Apostle Paul”.

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